Ivernia Energy is developing several offshore wind farm projects in the seas around Ireland – the source of one of the best offshore renewable energy resources in the world.


Our mission as a company is to unlock the potential of floating and bottom fixed offshore wind technologies to reduce greenhouse gasses, expand renewable energy and contribute to Ireland’s green energy transition.

We aim to accelerate the development of offshore wind energy projects in Ireland through our extensive renewable energy experience and strong local partnerships.


Our strategy is to be innovative and smart in the projects we pursue and develop. We plan to develop large-scale renewable energy projects that deliver clean, sustainable, green energy and serve the broader public interest. We work openly and respectfully with all project partners and stakeholders with principals of sustainability, equality and inclusivity throughout the project cycle from development to operations and decommissioning.


Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with solid renewable energy and engineering experience in an Irish and global context.

We expand on our core business and engineering competencies through collaboration with project partners and stakeholders. We listen to and respect the needs and perspectives of government agencies, non-governmental organisations, local communities, the natural environment and businesses.

We develop our understanding of the local environment and culture together with advancing renewable energy technologies to contribute to the transition to a greener society and economy. We want to ensure that local communities get direct benefit from our projects. Each project brings sustainable wealth and new jobs locally, regionally and nationally.